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Mar 2019

March 13, 2019

March 14, 2019

British Parliament Votes To Ban No-Deal Brexit, But Zombie Premier May Keeps Scheming To Impose Her Widely Hated Plan; Second Referendum Still A Viable Option, But Revoking and Repealing Article 50 Secession Procedure Is More Reliable!

Equally Incorrigible: Anti-Europe Labour Party Boss Corbyn Still Peddling His Own Illusory Brexit Scheme; Stage Set For Boeing 737 Max 8 Crashes by Trump’s Deconstruction of Administrative and Regulatory State Plus Delay In Fixes Caused By Government Shutdown; Facing 90 Months In Federal Pen, Manafort Is Hit By New York State Indictments Where Don Cannot Save Him; Roots Of Democratic Party’s Obsession With Bipartisan Togetherness Found in Bizarre Doctrine of Communitarianism