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Mar 2019

March 7, 2019

March 8, 2019

Manafort Sentenced to 47 Months in Prison For Alexandria Convictions; Such Unwarranted Leniency Poses Real Threat To Rule Of Law!

Beware Pardon By Trump and Barr To Further Obstruct Mueller Inquiry; Additional Sentencing Looms Next Week; Disoriented Judge Raves That Manafort Is “A Good Friend To Others, A Generous Person” Living An “Otherwise Blameless Life”; In Reality, Manafort Was Leader of “Torturers’ Lobby” Drumming Up U.S. Support For Butchers Like Savimbi of Angola, Who Maimed Or Killed Tens of Thousands; Clients Also Included Brutal Dictators Like Mobutu of Zaire, arap Moi of Kenya, and Abacha of Nigeria; House Passes Broad Anti-Hate Resolution 407-23, With Only Republicans Voting No; Net Worth of U.S. Families Tumbled By $3.75 Trillion or 3.5% In Fourth Quarter 2018, Worst Since 2008 Depression!