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Mar 2019

March 6, 2019

March 7, 2019

Trump Racks Up Colossal Merchandise Trade Deficit of $891 Billion, The Largest In U.S. History; Epic Failure Not Due To Tariffs, But To Refusal To Rally Allies Against Chinese Predators!

GM Assembly Plant In Lordstown, Shuts Down; “Don’t Sell Your Homes “ Since Jobs in Auto “Are All Coming Back,” Trump Had Promised At End of 2017; Layoffs Hitting 14,000 Workers in Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Maryland, and Ontario; U.S. Budget Deficit Up 77% In First Four Months of FY 2019 Over FY ‘18; Treasury To Borrow $1 Trillion Per Year Over Coming Decade; Cohen Testifies on Hill As His Lawyer Urges New York State Attorney General and Manhattan DA To Indict Trump For State Crimes; Don Should Give Up Lying For Lent!