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Mar 2019

March 4, 2019

March 5, 2019

Markey-Ocasio “Green New Deal” Concocted by Gaggle of Adolescent Dilettantes Over A December Weekend; Backlash Has Boosted Trump Approval By 3%!

Ocasio Predicts Apocalypse In Twelve Years, But Every Prediction of The End of The World Has a Definite Class Content; This One Spells Killer Austerity; How Carter’s Energy Austerity Wrecked Post-Watergate Democratic Party; How Pelosi’s 2007 Refusal To Impeach Bush Prolonged Iraq War; Working People Voted In 2018 For Health Care and Jobs, Not Windmills and Solar Cells; World View of Ultra-Left Mush-Heads Is Mix of Decadent Post-Modernism With Manichaean Fable Of American History Spun By Howard Zinn; Do Ultra-Lefts Deliberately Choose the Tarnished Socialist Label Because FDR’s Vastly Superior New Deal Is Too American?