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Mar 2019

March 2, 2019 WCR

March 3, 2019

Trump’s 2017 Smoking Gun Check As Payoff To Cohen For Fronting Stormy’s Hush Money Is Prima FacieEvidence of Impeachable Crime in White House! Cohen Suggests Trump Will Not Accept Peaceful Transfer of Power If Ousted; More Hearings Needed On Model of Sam Ervin’s Senate Committee of Summer 1973; From Enron’s Fastow to Trump’s Weisselberg; Green New Deal, Like Brexit, Is A Brutal Austerity Diktat; Ideologues Hype Climate Apocalypse in 2030, But Working Families Focus on Financial Trouble Looming For Medicare in 2026 and Social Security in 2033; Democrats Must Make Wall Street Predators Pay, With No Austerity and No Cuts; Class Consciousness, Not Malthusian Hysteria, Is The Answer; After Hanoi Fiasco, More Appeasement: Trump Cancels Ulchi Freedom Guardian 2019!