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Mar 2019

February 28, 2019

March 1, 2019

Trump-Kim Summit Collapses As North Korean Butchers Escalate Demands; Debacle Underlines Failure of Groveling Appeasement Disguised as Consummate Dealmaking!

Kim Said To Offer Dismantling of Aging Yongbyon Nuclear Facility in Exchange For Lifting All Sanctions; White House Had Telegraphed Weakness With Leaks Giving Up On Comprehensive Inventory of Pyongyang’s Nuclear Forces; Trump Waffles On Restoring Ulchi Freedom Guardian Joint Drills; Trump’s $35,000 Check To Cohen Hailed As Smoking Gun of Trumpgate: Prima Facie Evidence of Federal Felony Committed in White House; Wednesday’s Public Hearings Were Only Corruption and Obstruction, Since Collusion Was Tuesday and Thursday; 2.9% GDP Increase for 2018 Falls Short of Trump’s Hype!