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Feb 2019

February 27, 2019

February 28, 2019

Cohen Alleges Federal Crimes By Trump in White House, Says $35,000 Check To Fixer Reimbursed Hush Money He Illegally Paid to Stormy Daniels On Eve of 2016 Elections!

In July 2016, Cohen Heard Stone Tell Trump That Assange Promised Post Trove of Hacked Documents Harmful to Hillary; No Audit and No Bonespurs; Inflating Values for Forbes, Deflating Them For Tax Man; Working With Manhattan Feds on New Charges; GOPers Jordan and Meadows Try To Discredit Cohen, But Have No Substantive Defense of Trump and No Questions About Him; Even Lame White House Response Fails to Defend Don!; Cohen to Republicans: Working For Trump Means Lying For Him; I Spent A Decade Lying For Trump Just As You Are Doing Now, And If You Keep Going You May Soon End Up Like Me; Next Step Is Criminal Referral to DoJ!