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Feb 2019

February 26, 2019

February 27, 2019

A Third Round Of Thermonuclear Threats From Moscow!

Russian State TV Lists Missile Targets, Including Pentagon and Camp David; Lead Warmonger This Time is Dmitri Kiselyov, Kremlin Media Mogul and Fanatical Slavophile; NSA’s Gen. Nakasone Stymied Putin’s IRA Wreckers on Election Day 2018; Trump and Democratic Hopefuls Are Silent, Leaving No Advocate for U.S.; On Eve of Testimony Trump Obviously Fears, Bootlicking Rep. Gaetz Threatens Michael Cohen & Family; Did Trump Order Whitaker to Obstruct Manhattan Feds?; House Votes 245-182 to Block Bogus Emergency Decree, With 13 GOPers Dumping Trump; Brennan Forecasts That Mueller’s Last Indictments and Final Report Will Be Issued Together, Since Special Counsel Knows If He “Cuts Too Close to The Bone,” That Will Be The “Final Bell”!