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Feb 2019

February 23, 2019 WCR

February 24, 2019
Putin Repeatedly Threatens U.S. and NATO With New Cuban Missile Crisis and Thermonuclear War If West Counters Moscow’s Missile Buildup in Europe; Trump Cowers!
Repeated Provocations Reveal Russian President and His Base of Predator-Oligarchs as Fanatics of Moscow The Third Rome; Apocalyptic Sixteenth-Century Prophecy Is World’s Most Extreme Doctrine of National Exceptionalism; Michael Cohen’s Festival of Sleaze Comes to Capitol as Individual 1’s Former Fixer Prepares to Testify; Congress Must Expose Trump In Way Corrupt Corporate Media Failed To Do in 2015-16; Pelosi Promises Vote Next Tuesday on Rollback of Bogus State of Emergency; Federal Judge Says Labor Secretary Acosta Broke Law in Epstein Plea Deal, So House Must Impeach Him At Once!