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Feb 2019

February 20, 2019

February 21, 2019

Putin Threatens U.S. And NATO With Nuclear Attack, But Benedict Donald Cowers in Silence!

Desperate Demagogue in Kremlin Drawn Towards Adventurism By Collapse in Popularity Over His Failed Austerity Policies, Including Brutal 5-Year Hike in Pension Age; Russia’s Birth Rate Down 11% in 2017 To Lowest Level In Decade!; Corporate Media Pushing Early and Anti-Climactic End to Mueller Investigation, But Skepticism Is In Order; Trump Prepares For Big New Sellout at Next Week’s Appeasement Conference With Kim in Hanoi; Overview of Investigations From Jaworski, Church, and Pike to Walsh, Starr, and Mueller Teaches: Publish The Reports in Full!