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Feb 2019

February 19, 2019

February 20, 2019

Poll Shows Only 36% Support Trump’s State of Emergency, While 61% Are Opposed; Pelosi Too Slow With Urgent Disapproval Resolution; Sixteen State Attorneys General From Becerra to Frosh Sue Trump in Northern California!

McCabe Says He Duly Reported Opening Counterintelligence and Obstruction Probes of Trump to Bipartisan Congressional Gang of Eight, And Not One Objected; Reports That Trump Ordered Whitaker to Put His Hand-Picked Choice Geoffrey Berman Back In Control of Michael Cohen Case in Manhattan; Perjury Issue Arises; Clarence Thomas, Flouting 55 Years of Settled Law and Eagerly Legislating From the Bench To Serve His Right Wing Causes, Demands New Liberticide Attacks on First Amendment!