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Feb 2019

February 18, 2019

February 19, 2019

Last Hope For Britain to Avoid Catastrophe as Seven Labour Members of Parliament Quit Party While Condemning Pro-Brexit Treachery of Boss Corbyn, May’s Toady!

Split Is Labour’s Worst In Four Decades; Deputy Leader of Party Warns More Resignations Are Coming If Corbyn Fails to Back Second Referendum To Stay In Europe; Charges of Antisemitism Also An Issue; American People Reject Trump’s State of Emergency; ACLU, Landowners, 16 States Launch Legal Challenges; Pelosi Must Speed Disapproval Resolution; Individual 1 Goes Berserk in Response to McCabe’s CBS Interview, Raves That Insider Account Is “Illegal and Treasonous”; Wants “Retribution” Against Saturday Night Live; Munich Security Conference Shows Trump Is Despised in Europe, While Dictators Putin and Xi Benefit