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Feb 2019

February 14, 2019

February 15, 2019

Government Funding Package Passes Senate 83-16; Trump Set To Start Emergency Rule With Decrees Commandeering Public Funds For Fascist Wall!

Former FBI Chief McCabe Triggered Obstruction and Counter-Intelligence Probes of Trump Just After May 2017 Comey Firing; DoJ Eyed XXV Amendment Move; Goal Was To Make Investigation Bulletproof and Irreversible; Bush 41’s Iran-Contra Coverup Artist Barr Approved as AG By Senate: An Expert in Using Pardons For Obstruction of Justice; Zombie Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit Plan Defeated 303-258 as Tory Ultra-Reactionaries Run Wild; Young Leaders of Labour Party Threaten To Quit Shadow Cabinet If Treacherous Corbyn Does Not Push Hard For Second Referendum aka People’s Vote; Emergency Rule is Historical Antechamber To Dictatorship!