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Feb 2019

February 13, 2019

February 14, 2019

House to Vote on Budget Deal Thursday Evening; Up to 140 Republicans Will Oppose It; GOP Leaders Tell Trump To Sign, Then Illegally Hijack Money From Military and Disaster Relief To Finance Fascist Wall, Making Many New Enemies!

DC Federal Judge Backs Mueller-Weissman Contention That Manafort Lied About August 2016 Meeting in New York Grand Havana Cigar Club; Russian Agent Kilimnik Allegedly Received Polling Data To Dupe U.S. Voters; Giuliani Moonlights at Warsaw Middle East Conference With Warmonger Speech Sponsored by MEK, Listed by U.S. As Terrorist Organization, 1997-2012; Netanyahu Wants To “Advance The Common Interest of War With Iran”; Pence, Representing U.S., Fails To Condemn Outburst