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Feb 2019

February 12, 2019

February 13, 2019

Top Mueller Deputy Andrew Weissman Tells DC Judge That Manafort-Kilimnik Link Goes “To The Heart of What The Special Counsel’s Office is Investigating”; Remarks Appear As Aside Delivered En Passant And Not Redacted Out When Court Transcript Was Published!

With Quid Pro Quo of Collusion Now In Sight, Hurried Defensive Deployments: Sen. Burr and Committee Staff Leak They Have Found No Evidence Implicating Trump; Former Trump Lawyer Dowd Claims “Fraud, Says” Mueller Has Found Nothing Damning About Trump; Predicts Independent Counsel Won’t Issue Any Report; Manafort Allegedly Gave Kilimnik Proprietary U.S. Voter Data During 2016 Campaign; Will Trump Sign Congressional Budget Compromise Giving Him $1.7 Billion For Border Fencing?