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Feb 2019

February 2, 2019 WCR

February 3, 2019

Will Trump Use SOTU To Proclaim State of Emergency and Rule By Decree? His Brand of Emergency Rule Is Historic Prelude to Dictatorship, as in Weimar Republic 1930-1933!

Why No Ervin-Style Committee Action After A Month Of Democratic House, With Launch Codes in Deranged Hands? Opposition Party Must Deploy Impeachments As Practical Remedy For Present and Future Harm; The Great Soy Bean Swindle: Trump’s Will To Deter China Not Worth a Hill of Beans; Dem Hopefuls Chasing Alt Left, Vote With Trump and Putin on Syria and Afghanistan; Trump, Limbaugh, WaPo Signal That Warren and Wealth Tax Are What They Fear Most; Howard Schultz Stunned By Backlash Against White House Bid, Should Drop Out!