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Jan 2019

January 23, 2019

January 24, 2019

Trump Backs Golpe Against Maduro of Venezuela As Upstart Guaido Proclaims Himself President; Attitude of Army There Will Be Decisive; Congress Must Stop Trump From More Wag The Dog Military Adventures!

Another Coup: Tory Brexit Fanatic Rees-Mogg Wants British Parliament Shut Down to Allow Zombie Prime Minister May To Steer UK Over Cliff of No-Deal Brexit!; Pelosi Bans Trump State of the Union Address Set For January 29; Nation Glad To Be Spared Another Bombardment of Lies!; Late Word Says Don Is Again Leaning Toward State of Emergency to Illegally Commandeer Funds For Fascist Wall; House Dems Ready Compromise to Open Government: $5.7 Billion More For Actual Border Security, But Nothing For Sick Wall Fetish