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Jan 2020

January 11, 2019 - World Crisis Radio

January 11, 2020

Pelosi Will Send Impeachment Articles To Senate Next Week; Trial Likely To Begin Before MLK Weekend; House Managers To Be Chosen; Public Opinion Must Mobilize To Oust Trump Or Face Dictatorship!

Moscow Mitch Had Threatened To Back Hawley’s Rule Change For Preventive Dismissal Of Charges; After Murkowski And Romney, Collins Makes Feeble Effort For Senate Trial With Witnesses And Documents;

After Three Years Of Trump Chaos, World Faces Convergence Of Crises: Iran, North Korea, Brexit, Financial Breakdown, And Impeachment;

Dow 29,000 With Feet Of Clay: Despite $1 Trillion Fiscal Stimulus, Three Interest Rate Cuts, Return To Big-Time Quantitative Easing, And $6 Trillion In Liquidity Injected Into Repo Market, Result Is A Meager 145,000 Jobs And Miniscule Wage Growth Below 1%; Zombie Bankers Want Permanent Repo Facility Backed Without Limit By Fed; Dems (e.g. Warren) And Media Must Expose This Fraud In Service Of Trump Bubble; Mnuchin Busy Covering Up Don’s Exorbitant Travel Costs At Public Expense;

Lock Her Up: New York Times Played Key Role In Hyping Hillary Clinton Email And Uranium One Pseudo-Scandals; But Now DoJ’s Huber Investigation Has Come Up Empty!