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Jan 2019

January 10, 2019

January 11, 2019

Trump Lurches Towards Emergency Dictatorship To Hijack $14 Billion in Disaster Relief Funds For Unpopular Wall; Claims He Never Promised Mexico Would Pay!

Stiffed By Don, 800,000 Federal Employees and Families Face First Payless Payday of Shutdown As Government Starts To Succumb to Paralysis; Feb. 7 Michael Cohen House Testimony Offers Month-Long Buildup To Sensational First-Person Exposé; Deprived of Davos, Will Trump Resign?; Hostile Act: Russian Oligarch Rogozin Announces “America Is Actually Engulfed By Its Second Civil War Now” -- We Beg To Differ; The Trump School of Orwellian Gaslighting: Don’t Fall For It!