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Jan 2020

January 6, 2019

January 7, 2020

As Trump’s Impeachment Trial Approaches, Bolton Announces He Is Willing To Testify Under Senate Subpoena; But Will He Testify In Favor Of Trump Or Against Him?; Incorrigible Neocon Warmonger Has Many Reasons To Favor Aggressor Trump!; Dems Must Focus On Schumer’s Witness List Of Pompeo, Mulvaney, Blair, And Duffey!

Case For Impeachment Grows Stronger After Pelosi Pause: Trump’s Role In Blocking Aid To Ukraine Proven Beyond Doubt By Just Security Emails; Trump Knew Or Should Have Known Impoundment Was Illegal After August Warnings From Pompeo, Esper, And Bolton; U.S. Corporate Media In Awe Of Suleimani; Cable Networks Swoon For State Funeral In Tehran; 

Today’s Epiphany For 2020: With At Least One Geopolitical Disaster Per Month, Trump Is An Existential Threat To America’s Future And Must Be Removed From Office Forthwith!

1,500 Iranian Protesters Reported Slain By Regime Snipers And Machine Guns Over Two Months Of Repression; Price Of Gasoline Had Doubled: Is This Movement Gone Or In Momentary Eclipse?