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Jan 2019

January 5, 2019

January 6, 2019

Trump Announces Coup Plan: Declare Phony State of Emergency, Rule By Decree, and Commandeer Army Under Pretext of Building Wall -- But It Won’t Stop There: This Is The Road to Suspension of Habeas and Dictatorship!

An Epiphany for Pelosi: With Nuclear Launch Codes Still Controlled by Deranged Individual 1, Democrats Must Pursue Impeachment To Prevent Imminent Harm; Threat of Multi-Year Government Shutdown Shows White House Contempt For Public Interest; How Long Before Megadonors and Ratings-Challenged Fox News Dump Toxic Don?; Syria and Afghanistan Are Expendable, South Korea Too; Another Bellicose Tirade From Warmonger Xi Raises Sellout of Taiwan As Part of Trade Swindle; Russia Taking Hostages in Wake of Butina Guilty Plea; Contraction of World Economy Confirmed