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Jan 2019

January 2, 2018

January 3, 2019

On Eve of Democratic Control of House, Time to Reject Austerity Straitjacket of PayGo Proposed by Pelosi, Now Made a Mockery By GOP Tax Scam of 2017!

Damage Done by #TrumpShutdown Escalates After 12 Days of No Funding: Mortgage Bankers, Farm Loans, DC Tourism, Coast Guard, and FAA Training All Impacted; From Military To Mormons, U.S. Institutions Signal Rejection of Trump: Ex-GOP Rep. John LeBoutillier Forecasts End of Trump Regime in 2019 After 20 Republican Senators Defect When Don Tries to Exit South Korea; Is Stock Market Crash Just a “Little Glitch”?: Another Psycho Monologue in the Oval; Romney Objects to Tone, Not Killer Cuts!