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Dec 2018

December 26, 2018

December 27, 2018

Mobilized By Mnuchin Call, Plunge Protection Team Triggers Biggest Dead Cat Bounce in Dow History; Damage From Resulting Short Squeeze Unknown!

Putin Threatens U.S. With “Avangard” Hypersonic Secret Weapon He Claims Is Invulnerable; Time To Fund DoD Undersecretary Griffin’s Laser ABM Concept to Neutralize Any Aggressor; Russian Oligarch Sechin Demands Right to Seize CITGO Refinery and Gas Stations Here; More Evidence That Trump Groveled For Erdogan In Syria; China Puts Ecuador Into $1.7 Billion, 7% Debt Slavery For Defective and Dangerous Reventador Dam; $125 Million Per Year In Interest Alone; 7,648 Cracks In Belt and Road Scam; Energy Minister: “The Strategy of China Is Clear. They Take Economic Control of Countries.” Fearing His Critics, Benedict Donald Schleps To Iraq