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Dec 2018

December 22, 2018 WCR

December 24, 2018

Support $30 Billion Marshall Plan For Central America Proposed by Mexican President Lopez Obrador; Force the Fed to Provide 0% Long-Term Credit!

U.S. Government Closed Until At Least Dec. 27 to Extort $5 Billion To Redeem Psychotic Campaign Promise of Wall; Quisling in White House Wrecking U.S. Strategic Position as Totalitarians Rejoice; Turkey’s Erdogan Ordered U.S. Out of Syria; Alt-Left Mush-Heads Don’t Care About Planned Massacre of Pro-Western Kurds, Can’t Grasp That Post-2001 Phony War on Terror Is Gone, Replaced By Deadly Great Power Rivalry; Dow Ends Worst Week Since 2008 Crash; Trump Passes Buck For Collapsing Stock Bubble, Prepares to Fire Fed Boss Powell; Democrats Must Impeach Whitaker When 116th Congress Convenes On January 3; Christmas Greetings To Our Listeners Around the World!