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Dec 2018

December 12, 2018

December 13, 2018

Purveyor of Brexit Austerity Theresa May Escapes Ouster By Fellow Tories, 200-117; She Is Left Fatally Weakened by Pyrrhic Victory; Lesson: No Form of Brexit Can Command Majority of House of Commons; People’s Vote Is Only Answer

Feckless Labour Party Leader Jeremy Corbyn Could Topple May and End Brexit Carnage Right Now By Forcing Vote of No Confidence, But Remains Paralyzed; Tory Party Seen As Moribund; In Huawei Case, Appeaser Trump Promises to Sell Out U.S. to Made in China 2025; Cohen Sentenced to 36 Months; Don Claims Hush Money Was Peanuts, Threatens Action By His Revolting Followers; Wall Street Clutching For Straws In China Tariff Talks