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Dec 2018

December 8, 2018 WCR

December 9, 2018

As Collapse of His Signature Stock Bubble Accelerates, A Deeply Shaken “Tariff Man” Stays Glued to TV

For First Time, Manhattan Feds Cite “Individual 1” in White House For Felony Election Law Violations With Cohen; Mueller Says Manafort Lied About Dealings With Russian Asset Kilimnik; Beijing Totalitarians Threaten Canada Over Meng Bank Fraud Arrest; For AG, Trump Picks Bush 41 Retread Barr, Mueller Critic and Prison-Building Backer of Mass Incarceration Who Helped Save His Master From Iran-Contra Special Prosecutor Lawrence Walsh Using Pardons to Obstruct Justice; U.S. Responds to Russian Challenge to Freedom of Navigation in Black Sea and Sea of Japan; La Scala of Milan Opens With Verdi’s Attila, A Reminder That If The Choice Is Between Empire and Huns, It’s Better to Reform the Empire