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Dec 2018

December 5, 2018

December 6, 2018

Protests Against Mass Austerity for Working People in France Force President Macron to Back Down, Canceling Gasoline and Diesel Tax Hike

Upheaval Largest in France Since May 1968; Regressive Taxes Billed As Way to Reduce Carbon Emissions Left Wealthy Malthusian Elitists Virtually Unscathed; Theresa May Warned Her Embattled Brexit Austerity Plan Will Trigger Similar Pushback; Democrats Must Repudiate Austerity; Mueller’s Sentencing Letter for Flynn Shows Three Ongoing Investigations, Refuting Notion of Endgame; Bush 1944 War Record Challenged by Fellow Veterans of His Bombing Squadron in Pacific; Fatal Decision to Unleash First Gulf War in 1990 Manipulated by Margaret Thatcher