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Dec 2018

December 4, 2018

December 5, 2018

Trump Regime In Free Fall as Wall Street No Longer Believes Don the Con’s Lies About Tariff Truce With Emperor Xi; Dow Dives 800 Points, Sustaining Grave Technical Damage; Banks and Transports Hit Hard

More Chaotic Bungling From Mnuchin and Kudlow Make Matters Worse; Yield Curve For Treasury Securities Partially Inverted, Suggesting Hard Times Ahead Under Trump; Theresa May On Life Support as Her Cabinet is Declared in Contempt of Commons; Amendment Forces Her to Return to Parliament After Expected Dec. 11 Rejection of Her Brexit Deal; British Public Turning Against Lunatic Adventurism of Tory Right Wing; Washington Awaits Flynn Sentencing Memo From Mueller; More on the Real Bush 41