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Dec 2018

December 3, 2018

December 4, 2018

Media Frenzy Attempts Apotheosis of G.H.W. Bush Based on Fabrications and Distortions

He Sought to End Vietnam Syndrome of Reluctance to Seek Military Solutions; His Presidency Started Catastrophic Series of Middle East Wars That Still Weaken Country; His Job Creation Record The Worst Since Herbert Hoover 60 Years Earlier; His Embrace of Racist Eugenics a Scandal; Trump Peddles Hyped Account of His Trade Talks With Emperor Xi; Wall Street Is Eager to Be Gulled; Mattis Reveals Putin “Mucked Around” With 2018 U.S. Election; Kremlin Bigwig Peskov Confirms Contacts With Cohen About Trump Tower Moscow; Is Don Being Jettisoned By Moscow?; Putin’s Pilgrimage to Pskov, Home of Moscow The Third Rome Doctrine