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Dec 2018

December 1, 2018 WCR

December 4, 2018

After Latest Cohen Revelations, Disintegration of Trump Regime Accelerates; “Individual 1” Unlikely To Complete Four-Year Term in Conflict With Democratic House and Special Counsel;

Cohen and Sater Reportedly Colluded On Moscow Tower With Dmitri Peskov, Putin’s Right Hand Man; Beware Secret Sellouts at G-20; Sherrod Brown Shows GM Plant Closings Stem From 50% Tax Cut on Foreign Profits Built Into GOP Tax Scam; If Sir Neville Chamberlain Had Faced a Special Counsel, 1938 Munich Appeasement Tragedy Might Have Been Avoided; GOP Lockstep Fails to Install Farr as Federal Judge; Senate Defies Trump on Yemen; December 7 May Bring Trump’s New Pearl Harbor In Form of Government Shutdown