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Nov 2018

November 28, 2018

November 29, 2018
Trump Meetings With Putin, Xi, MBS, and Other Dictators at Argentina G-20 Are Threats to U.S. National Security; No More Secret Appeasement of Foreign Adversaries; U.S. Must Exit Yemen War;UK Chancellor of Exchequer Hammond Sees Brexit Depression With 10% GDP Decline In Hard Brexit, 4% Cut Under Agreed Departure; Trump Makes Things Worse For May By Condemning Her Deal; Argentine Judges Consider Arresting MBS For Genocide In Yemen; Time to Declassify CIA Report on Kashoggi Murder; Trump’s Epistemology of Irrationality: “I Have A Gut,” Meaning Irrationalism Prevails and No Facts Can Be Determined; Putin’s Popularity in Russia Cratering Due to Five-Year Hike in Pension Age