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Nov 2018

November 27, 2018

November 28, 2018

Trump’s Cowardice After Kerch Strait Incident Is Green Light For More Aggression by Putin; On Eve of G-20 in Buenos Aires, Congress Must Block Another Secret Appeasement Tryst With Russian Dictator!

General Motors Closing Five U.S.-Canada Plants With 15,000 Layoffs While Sparing Plants in Mexico and China; Trump’s Industrial Policy of Tax Cuts For Wealthy Corporations, De-Regulation, and Contempt For Labor Laws Exposed As Total Failure; Companies That Accept Federal Aid and Bailouts But Attack U.S. Interests Should Be Nationalized; AFL-CIO Condemns GM’s Choice of Low-Wage Bottom Feeding Business Model; U.S. & China Exchange Threats on Eve of G-20 In Argentina; Will Trump Cave to Xi?; Mueller Says Manafort Continued Perjury After Plea Bargain