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Nov 2018

November 24, 2018 WCR

November 25, 2018

Schmidt-Haberman Exposé and Trump’s Attacks on Roberts Signal Early Breakup of Regime, Just As 1954 Army-McCarthy Hearings Were Prelude to Collapse of McCarthyism;

Trump Decisively Weakened by 39-Seat Democratic Gain and GOP Disaster at Polls, Plus Gathering Collapse of Stock Mania and $9 Trillion Corporate Debt Bubble; Watergate Ouster of Nixon Prepared by His Destruction of World Monetary System on August 15, 1971, Followed by World Oil Crisis of Autumn 1973, Complete With Gas Lines; In Biggest UK Crisis Since 1945, Premier May Desperately Seeking Brexit Deal From 27 Nations at Sunday’s EU Brussels Summit; No Brexit Is Only Viable Option!