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Nov 2018

November 20, 2018

November 21, 2018

Trump For Sale, Cheap!

Tired of Costly Failures By Their Discredited Buffoon and Puppet, Wall Street Signals Dump Trump As NYT and NBC Publicize His Impeachable Attempt to Order Illegal Prosecution of Clinton and Comey;

After Latest Stock Rout of 1000 Dow Points in Two Days, Market Gains For 2018 Are Wiped Out; FAANG Group of Stocks Has Racked Up $1 TRILLION in Losses; Declining GDPs in Germany, Japan, and Italy, Plus $54 Oil Point to World Economic Contraction; Facebook, Google, and Netflix Enter “Death Crosses” as 50-Day Moving Averages Dip Below 200 DMAs; Apple and GS Pounded; Kudlow Promises Happy Days; Don Blames It All on Federal Reserve; Only Available Stimulus Will Soon Be TWStP’s 0% Credit Stimulus Requisitioned From Fed For Infrastructure Jobs