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Nov 2018

November 17, 2018 WCR

November 18, 2018
With Trump-GOP Defeat, Crisis of May’s Brexit Austerity Regime, and Growing Demand For Regulating Facebook, Handwriting Is On The Wall for Pseudo-Populist Demagogues!
British Government Hangs By A Thread as Tories Split Into Warring Camps; Clamor For Second Referendum and Brexit Rollback Grows; Democratic Gains in U.S. House Now 37 Seats And Counting; Loser Trump Retreats Into Cocoon of Bluster and Self-Pity; Facebook Reportedly Knew of Russian Attack on 2016 Election But Refused Countermeasures; Main Focus Was Discrediting Critics; Congress Must Defend Privacy and End Monopoly; Stocks Still Massively Overvalued; Trump Equities Bubble Will Intersect Bond Glut