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Nov 2018

November 15, 2018

November 16, 2018

Key Officials Quit Theresa May Brexit Regime in Great Britain as Parliament Prepares Vote of No Confidence Over Tories’ “Rancid Mess”

Looming Fall of May Confirms That Nov. 6 Defeat of Trump GOP in U.S. Midterm Elections Represents World-Historical Turn Into New Phase of Defeat and Decline For Fascistoid Populists On Both Sides of Atlantic; Brexit Minister Raab Quits Cabinet; Reactionary Rees-Mogg Demands Fall of May; Snap Election and/or Second Referendum Likely; Outrage Over Delay, Deny, Deflect Policy of Facebook Bosses Zuckerberg and Sandberg Points To Public Demand For Federal Regulation of Social Media, Negating Trump-Bannon Line of “Deconstruction of Administrative State”