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Nov 2018

November 12, 2018

November 13, 2018

Democrats Pledge to Defend Mueller Investigation; That Must Include Fast-Track Impeachment of Whitaker If He Hangs On Until January!

New House Majority Plans Bills For Minimum Wage Hike, Background Checks For All Gun Purchases, Banning Discrimination Against Pre-Existing Conditions; Can Senate’s 2013 Immigration Bill Finally Be Approved by House?; Dems Must Prepare to Finance Infrastructure Via 1% Wall Street Sales Tax and 0% Fed Credit; World Economic Contraction Wallops Markets: Trump’s Attack on Saudi Production Cuts Tanks Dow By 600 Points; Goldman Sachs Has Worst Day Since 2011; Apple Pounded; Amazon In Bear Market; S&P, NASDAQ Well Below 200-Day Moving Averages; Fear of Tuesday Grips Wall Street; SINEMA WINS!