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Nov 2018

November 10, 2018 WCR

November 12, 2018

Biggest Democratic Success Since 1974 Watergate Rout of GOP! Gain of 40 Seats Possible!

Sinema Leads in AZ, GOP Leads Shrink in FL as Recounts Are Ordered; Abrams Fighting for GA Runoff; Trump Hysterical As Size of GOP Defeat Become Clearer; Right Turn by Corporate Media Distorts Outcome; “AG” Whitaker Caught In FBI Probe of Firm Fined $25 Million for Ripoffs; Impeach Him!; With House Controlled By Democrats, Path to Impeachments Lies Open; But With Democratic Governors in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, Trump’s 2020 Path Is Blocked; In 1918, Pershing Stopped MacArthur From Seizing Metz, Ending War Two Months Early; Sobbing Von Hindenburg Confessed to George Seldes That American Infantry Had “Won The War in Battle in the Meuse-Argonne,” Contradicting Later Nazi Fable of Stab In Back