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Nov 2018

November 8, 2018

November 9, 2018

Historic Gain of 31 House Seats By Democrats Already Matches Great Anti-War Wave of 2006 With 12 Seats Still Undecided; Total of 37 Pickups Expected!

Trump’s Ouster of Attorney General Sessions is Obstruction of Justice in Plain Sight; From Fox News to New York Times, Serious Legal Experts Agree That Attempted Appointment of Unconfirmed Trump Stooge Whitaker is Illegal and Unconstitutional; Sinema Takes Lead in Arizona Count; Nelson Gains On Scott in Florida; Stacey Abrams in Legal Offensive; Beto Must Demand Recount in Texas; Defend Mueller Demonstrations in 1,000 Cities and 50 States; 500 at His Alma Mater in Princeton; Kleindienst and Mitchell, Two Nixon Attorneys General Who Were Convicted