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Nov 2018

November 7, 2018

November 7, 2018

Democrats Seize House, Turn Back GOP Drive For One-Party State! Republicans Hold Senate, Lose 7 Governorships

Trump Berserk in Defeat, Fires Attorney General Sessions; Deputy AG Rosenstein Excluded From Succession, May Fall; Mueller Foe Whittaker Takes Over; Russiagate Probe in Grave Danger; Fast Action Needed to Stop Obstruction; Trump’s Rage Fit at Press Conference: Gloats Over Defeat of GOP Politicians Who Snubbed Him; Close to Scuffle With Acosta of CNN; Accuses Alcindor of Racist Questioning; Postures as “Great Moral Leader”; Zero Outreach to Democratic Voters; Democrats Win on Protecting Pre-Existing Conditions; Be Ready to Demonstrate