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Nov 2018

November 5, 2018

November 6, 2018

Weekend Shift of Mass Psychology in Favor of Democrats Suggested by Last Congress, Florida and Missouri Polls!

Our Conjecture: Democrats Gain 42 Seats in House, 2 in Senate, To Take Control of Congress; GOP as Party of Economic Breakdown, National Betrayal, and Corruption Scandals; Russia Betrays Iran and Syria With Support For Trump; The Presidential Nonesuch: Networks Including Fox Reject Trump’s Racist Ad; Mark Twain’s Insights Into Fraudsters and Con Artists in American Life: The Relevance Today of the Duke of Bridgewater and the Dauphin in Huckleberry Finn: Tarred and Feathered, They Were Run Out of Town on a Rail; Tax Wall Street Party Calls on Persons of Good Will to Vote Democratic