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Oct 2018

October 27, 2018 WCR

October 30, 2018

Trump Hooverized By Ongoing Stock Market Implosion

Ominous S&P Double Top Emerges; S&P Now In Correction Territory at 2659; A Dive Below 2580 Would Unleash “The Sum of All Fears”; FBI’s Bombing Suspect Cesar Sayoc Is Disturbed Pro-Trump Fanatic; His Van a MAGA Shrine Plastered With Scurrilous GOP Propaganda; Cop: “His Motive Was On His Van”; FBI Quickly Covered Paranoid Display Embarrassing to White House; GOP Line of Killer Cuts to Health Care, Lies, Hysteria, and Vote Suppression Shows Need To End One-Party Rule; Congressional Democrats Lead By 10% On Eve Of Landmark Vote; Beware GOP “Drive For Five” To Use Republican Lite Hogan to Make Maryland the New Kansas Disaster