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Nov 2018

November 19, 2018

November 20, 2018

Republican Party Moribund as Entire U.S. Regions Turn Blue; Trump’s Unpopularity Is Catalyst For Collapse

California’s Blue Tsunami: All House Seats in Former Bastion of Orange County Fall to Dems; Support For Trump’s Wall Sank Cox Bid For Governor; Former GOP Leader in California State Assembly Regards State Party as “Dead” and “Not Salvageable” Due to Trump’s “Toxic National Brand”; San Diego’s GOP Mayor Sees Party as Facing Extinction; 24% Of California Voters Are Registered Republicans; Total Disintegration Likely If Current Policies Hold; Susan Collins Now Only GOP House or Senate Member in New England; Only One Republican From New Jersey Still In Congress; China’s Strangling Belt and Road to Nowhere Slammed at APEC Summit; Emperor Xi Forced to Deny Debt Trap Charge