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Oct 2018

October 13, 2018 WCR

October 14, 2018

Trump Stock Bubble Deflating At Worst Possible Time for GOP Demagogues

Giant Sucking Sound: Fed’s Ill-Advised Quantitative Tightening Now Removing $50 Billion Per Month From Pool of Speculative Hot Money, While European Central Bank Stops Easing; Friday Dow Struggled to Attain Dead-Cat Bounce With Help of Plunge Protection Team; Slowdown In Key Sectors Like Auto and Construction Shows That Republican Economy Has Feet Of Clay; Zandi of Moody’s Sees Boom Turning Into Bust; Coming Week Beset By Likely Sears Bankruptcy, Italian Debt Crisis, and Earnings Shortfalls; $2 Trillion Orgy of Treasury Borrowing Made Much Worse By GOP Tax Scam Will Drive Up Interest Rates on Bonds, Hit Stocks and Emerging Markets