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Oct 2018

October 4, 2018

October 5, 2018

Trump GOP Reaches New Low of Lawlessness in Stampede To Install Kavanaugh; Fraudulent FBI Report Deep Sixes Truth Worse Than Anything in Watergate; This Time Coverup is Conducted in the Open; Forty Key Witnesses Ignored by McGahn-Wray Coverup; Reckoning Is Coming; Flake the Snake’s Duplicity Exposes Cruel Hoax of Bipartisanship; 2,400 Law Professors Demand Defeat of Kavanaugh; Retired GOP Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens Says Kavanaugh Screed Before Senate Means He Should Not Be Confirmed; GOP Sen. Daines Will Be in Montana on Saturday For Daughter’s Wedding As McConnell Keeps Scheming; Cloture Vote Friday Morning