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Oct 2018

October 3, 2018

October 4, 2018

FBI Coverup Operation To Shield Kavanaugh Expected to End Tonight; Schumer and Judiciary Dems Must Denounce Insurrection Against Rule of Law; Bureau Faces Retribution For 2016 Trump and 2018 Kavanaugh Failures After Democrats Take Over Congress; New York City Field Office Leaked Like Sieve in 2016 To Help Trump, But No Important Leaks Damage Kavanaugh; The Bitter Irony of Comey’s Claims of FBI Independence and Impartiality Read Today; Over 40 Relevant Witnesses Rebuffed by FBI Coverup Machine; 650 Law Professors Call on Senate to Reject Kavanaugh For Lack of Judicial Temperament Shown in Hearings; Procrustean Bed of Identity Politics Hobbles Dems