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Oct 2018

October 1, 2018

October 2, 2018

McConnell Directs Trump To Attempt Blatant Sabotage of FBI Investigation of Kavanaugh; White House Lawyer McGahn Puts Just Four Names on Witness List, and Trump Lies About Probe Through Weekend; Massive Pressure on Boss Tweet Forces Longer Witness List; But Total Vigilance Will Be Required All Week To Prevent More GOP Dirty Tricks; Stories of Yale Debauchery Multiply; Rage, Bitterness, Narcissism, Self-Pity: Reasons Why St. Brett The Martyr Is Unfit For Federal Bench; Bob Woodward and Michael Schmidt Congratulate Each Other on Not Being Part of the Resistance to Trump; Eighty Years After 1938 Munich Sellout, The Exorbitant Price of Appeasement For France and Britain: Lessons Ignored at Singapore and Helsinki