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Sep 2018

September 22, 2018 WCR

September 23, 2018

American People Demand To Hear Prof. Ford!

Majority Opposes Granting Vast Lifetime Powers to Totalitarian Ideologue Kavanaugh, Cementing Reactionary Pro-Trump Majority on High Court; In 2011 ACA Dissent, Kavanaugh Argued President Can “Deem” Laws Unconstitutional and Disregard Them Even If Supreme Court Approves Them; This Would Destroy Judicial Review And Rule of Law; Confirming Kavanaugh Comparable To German Enabling Act (Ermächtigungsgesetz) of March 23, 1933 Passed 444-94 To Give Hitler Absolute Powers A Month After The Reichstag Fire; and French Constitutional Law of July 10, 1940, Voted in Vichy Opera House 569-80 To End Third Republic And Grant Absolute Powers to Marshall Pétain In Wake of Military Collapse; No Statute of Limitations For Felony Sexual Assault in Maryland; Another Dirty Op By New York Times Against Rosenstein