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Sep 2018

September 8, 2018 WCR

September 11, 2018

Tell Collins, Murkowski, and Scott to Stop Kavanaugh, Block Shift of Supremes Toward Permanent Austerity Dictatorship; Kavanaugh No Conservative, But Radical Reactionary on Roe, Obamacare, Unitary Executive, Discrimination, Unions; He Won’t Recuse, Won’t Come Clean, So Reject Him!; Constitutional Crisis Caused by Ongoing Extinction of Republican Party Cripples All Three Branches; Times Op-Ed As Re-Run of 1971 Pentagon Papers and Jack Anderson “Tilt” Leaks: Designed to Goad Trump Deeper Into Paranoia and Self-Destruction?; Relevance of Radford-Welander Scandal as Prelude to Watergate; Why GOP Can’t Say Nazis Are Bad