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Aug 2018

August 25, 2018 WCR

August 26, 2018

Trump Now Unindicted Co-Conspirator in His Own Plot to Steal 2016 Election; Nixon Had Just Two Months Left in Office When Public Learned in June 1974 He Had Been Implicated By Watergate Grand Jury, Which Wanted To Indict Him; Trump Under Attack on Eight Federal and New York State Legal Fronts, With More to Come; Reject Kavanaugh As Don’s Mouthpiece; Rand Paul Says Russia Will Never Confess Fixing U.S. Election; Not Quite: Moscow Took 50 Years to Plead Guilty to Hitler-Stalin Pact, Signed 79 Years Ago This Week; Trump As Comprador for Russia; Deep Sixing of Howard Hunt’s Safe By Nixon’s FBI Director as Classic Watergate Meme; Theory of Punctum Saliens in History Applied to Tuesday, August 21, 2018: Beginning of the End For Regime